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My parlour is a collective of amazing people striving to provide best look & feel.

A riddhima beauty parlour is a place where people can go to get beauty treatments, such as hair, nails, or make-up.

People’s skin, hair, nails, and teeth, on the other hand, require proper and professional treatment as they have become more educated. Every man, woman, and child wishes to be appealing. Every city, town, and other location necessitates the presence of a good beauty parlour.


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Because of your hair, you will be remembered. People will eventually forget what brand of clothes you wore or what colour your dress was at the party. However, if you have a distinctive haircut and style, you will undoubtedly be remembered. Believe us when we say that an attractive haircut is never forgotten.

Skin care is essential for the following reasons: It maintains the health of your skin: Because you shed skin cells throughout the day, it’s critical to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. A good skincare routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin looking great.

The most well-known advantage of waxing is that the hair does not regrow quickly. Waxing pulls hairs out from the root. Shaving removes hairs close to the skin’s surface. Even with a very close shave, a significant amount of hair remains just beneath the surface, ready to emerge in a day or two.



A makeover can be a physical and emotional transformation. Makeovers actually help many people overcome difficult situations or life changing moments. For many people, they don’t see outside their normal everyday routine. They hate how their foundation looks but they don’t get help finding a new one.


A herbal facial is a safe and natural way to remove dirt and toxins from your face and promote glowing, refreshed skin. This facial contains a single herb or a combination of herbs, such as chamomile, comfrey, elder blossoms, and others. A herbal facial is a safe and natural way to remove dirt and toxins from your face and promote glowing, refreshed skin. This facial contains a single herb or a combination of herbs, such as chamomile, comfrey, elder blossoms, and others.

Use your style to stand out and be noticed, as well as to reinforce your status as a professional. Clothing reflects your personality and can even boost your confidence if you like what you wear. It is critical to be comfortable in your clothes because this can make or break an outfit.

Cosmetics are products that are intended to cleanse, protect, and alter the appearance of our bodies’ external parts. Water, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturizer, colors, and fragrances are common ingredients in cosmetics.



When you dye your hair, it looks healthier and more shiny. The colour of your hair reflects light in various ways, making your tresses appear shinier. Coloring your hair adds texture and a beautiful shine to your natural tresses


Hair smoothening is a chemical process that involves soaking the hair in a formaldehyde solution, then drying it out and straightening it with a flat iron.

Hair Spa

A hair spa is a salon treatment that helps to repair and revitalize your dull, lifeless locks. It consists primarily of four steps: oil massaging, shampoo, hair mask, and conditioning. The entire procedure relaxes your scalp while leaving your hair soft and smooth.


Hair rebonding is a method of straightening your hair with strong chemicals. The entire procedure takes several hours. Water, in essence, breaks the hydrogen bonds between the keratin molecules in your hair. The new design of your hair structure is then crosslinked in a pin-straight alignment using a chemical, usually formaldehyde.



Bridal Makeup

The wedding season is the most important time in a bride’s life. All of her dreams about her marriage are going to come true. So, on this day, she must look absolutely stunning, just like a princess! The bridal makeup is the most important part of the wedding.
To ensure that a bride’s makeup is flawless, two factors must be in place. First and foremost, the bride should be happy on the inside so that her natural glow is visible and her face can be more vibrant and beautiful when makeup is applied. Second, the makeup should be done by a professional who knows what looks best on the bride. Riddhima Beauty Parlour is the Professional Makeup artist in Haldwani. It provide services like- HD Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Mineral Makeup look in Haldwani.

HD Makeup

“HD makeup is makeup that essentially mimics natural skin while concealing some imperfections, dark circles, and uneven tone, but the goal is that it shouldn’t look like makeup, meaning you shouldn’t be able to detect it,” Caroline explains. 

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is makeup that is applied to the skin with an airbrush machine rather than sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. A compressor is used in a typical airbrush system to create airflow through a hose connected to a trigger-controlled spray painting gun. The pressure of the airbrush can be adjusted to apply different types of makeup, such as lighter, heavier, or more detailed styles.

Mineral Makeup Look

Mineral makeup is made with chemical-free cosmetics that are gentle on the skin. Cosmetics can be harsh and damaging to the skin, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Mineral makeup is frequently recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists following special treatments to improve the skin. 

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