Riddhima Beauty Parlour

Riddhima Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour


Lotus VLCC O3 Cheryl' s Rahul Phate facial herbal facial professional facial


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Lotus facial  VLCC  O3  Cheryl’s

 Rahul Phate facial  Herbal facial  professional facial.

Manicure  Pedicure 

Skin according facial

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Beauty Parlour

A facial is a series of exercises performed on the face, using a range of treatments, with the end goal of improving the appearance of skin and helping you to relax. A common spa treatment, facials do not have to last a specific amount of time or use a specific series of products. If performed properly, a facial should be tailored to your individual skin type and skin concerns so you notice the most benefit. For example, not performing a vigorous exfoliation on someone with sensitive skin.

To some the word ‘facial’ conjures thoughts of deep cleansing and extraction. However, ESPA facials are so much more than this and are designed to relax skin, body and mind. Tailored to how you want to look and feel, ESPA facials are carefully bespoke to your specific needs offering a plethora of benefits.

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