Riddhima Beauty Parlour

Riddhima Beauty Parlour

Rica Wax

With operations in more than 60 nations worldwide, Rica wax is an Italian cosmetics firm that has been in the haircare and personal care business since 1994.

Responsible natural remedies are created by Ric to improve the beauty of the body and psyche. Using the island of Sicily’s natural resources and its active volcano, Mount Etna, we create haircare and body care products.


Rica wax


RICA set out to develop a new kind of wax with a natural recipe that would be gentle on the skin and have great hair-gripping power. This objective served as the driving force behind RICA’s Research & Development division, which in 1996 created a new PATENTED FORMULA of lip soluble wax that was 100% Colophony FREE*. Rica has chosen to solely use natural ingredients. The Rica formulations cannot contain any materials that are derived from petroleum in any way.

Specifically picked essential oils, nourishing vegetable oils, beeswax, titanium dioxide, outie oil, and other natural components, each carefully chosen for its unique effect on the skin, are included in our natural recipe.

With Rica, the waxing service is currently a TRUE BEAUTY TREATMENT AND A MOMENT OF WELLNESS FOR THE SKIN. 


The purest form of natural rosin’s derivative, glycerin-Rosinate, is what makes wax adhere to surfaces. Glycerin-Rosinate is non-allergenic, in contrast to colophony, the component in depilatory products that is most frequently used and is known to irritate skin.

Natural Beeswax

Proteins and mineral salts abound in natural beeswax, a component used in cosmetic products. We utilize it to shield the skin during epilation, making the procedure more comfortable. Additionally providing nutrients and hydration, beeswax.

Vegetable Oil

Instead of using substances derived from petroleum, our proprietary method employs a carefully selected vegetable oil. Since the skin is nourished and moisturized thanks to the improvement in the wax formulation, our excellent gripping power is kind to the skin.

Zinc Oxide

It naturally happens. Skin conditioner, healing aid, and soother zinc oxide. This crucial component is also naturally absorbed, which aids in a quick and effective epilation