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 Rebonding is a way of straightening your hair using powerful chemicals. The process takes several hours. so,water breaks the hydrogen bonds of the keratin molecules in your hair and a chemical, usually formaldehyde, then crosslinks the new design of your hair structure in a pin-straight alignment.

A typical hair rebonding will last up to 5 to 6 months when done with expert hands and from a good salon. In order to maintain the right structure of your hair post rebonding, you have to get frequent touch-ups to keep the straightened locks intact after every 5-6 months depending on your hair growth and volume.


Is Rebonding permanent?

Yes, rebonding is permanent, albeit on treated hair. Once you get this treatment done, the natural texture and shape of your hair gets lost forever. The hair that is rebonded becomes poker straight permanently, but the new hair which grows out from the roots will have its previous structure and quality.

1-First, your stylist washes your hair and lets it air-dry into your natural texture. This removes dirt and oils and also gives your stylist insight into what your natural hair texture is.

2-Next, your stylist sections your hair, much like they would for a blow-dry or hair dye treatment. Every strand of your hair is then coated in a cream called a “relaxant.”

3-The relaxant stays on your hair for 30 minutes or more. Because the relaxant is breaking down your hair cuticle on a cellular level, the relaxant step needs to be closely monitored so that your scalp and hair aren’t damaged.

4-Your stylist then steams your hair using a special hair steaming tool. Your hair will be extremely straight at the end of this step, but you’re not done yet.

5-Next, your stylist rinses your hair again and blow-dries it so it’s ready for the next part of the process.

6-Keratin lotion is applied to your hair. This keratin lotion is meant to help your new hair bonds to set. A neutralizer is then layered on top of your hair to stabilize these newly formed bonds. You’ll sit with the keratin and neutralizer on your hair for about 30 minutes.

7-Your hair is rinsed one last time to remove the keratin and neutralizer. Your stylist then blow-dries your hair straight in its finished style.