Riddhima Beauty Parlour

Riddhima Beauty Parlour


Cheryl’s SensiGlow is a facial for sensitive skin because that’s more prone to skin hazards than normal skin. The facial for sensitive skin removes impurities from the deep tissues of the skin layers revealing radiant and glowing skin. This sensitive skin care facial drastically reduces the irritation and rashes that are common with sensitive skin.

This anti-ageing facial is an oxygen facial for the skin that replenishes so the lost oxygen in the skin and deposits nutrients in the epidermis so that the skin remains strong and firm. Based on the latest technology, Cheryl’s Oxyblast facial kit delivers oxygen deep into the skin leading to increased luminosity and enhanced radiance. It also works as a skin brightening treatment.

Cheryl's Riddhima beauty parlour

It makes your skin silky soft n smooth instantly. After Cheryl’s facial you can see a natural glow on your skin. Will recommend to others and also going to buy it again. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals is India’s first professional skincare brand so that has for over three decades, through skin science, chemistry and innovation, transformed the skin because of Indian consumers. Part of the L’Oreal portfolio, all Cheryl’s products are through advanced research and testing, and enriched with active ingredients so, that are personalized for different skin types to deliver healthy, radiant skin.

Cheryls Cosmeceuticals – Oxyblast Facial Kit : 1 pack Radiant & Brighter Skin – For All Skin Types 

1-Ideal For: Women.

2-Suitable For: All Skin Types.

3-Ideal Usage: All Day.

4-Radiance & Glow Facial Kit.

Cheryl’s facial delivers oxygen deep into the skin leading to increased luminosity, enhanced radiance & effective skin brightening treatment. With time, the oxygen levels in our skin decrease, hence this kit also has great anti-ageing benefits so as it restores the oxygen making the skin look more radiant.