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Similar to a manicure, a pedicure is a cosmetic procedure for the feet and toenails.

A rough stone (typically a pumice stone) is used in pedicures to remove dead skin cells off the bottoms of the feet in addition to caring for the toenails. Skincare services, such as granular exfoliation, moisturising, and massage, are frequently offered up to the knee.

The Latin words pedis, which means “of the foot,” and cura, which means “care,” are the origin of the phrase pedicure.

Why Have a Pedicure ?

Why get your toes painted?

Therapeutic, medical, and cosmetic purposes all apply to pedicures. You put a lot of strain on your feet while going about your everyday business, whether it’s walking or squeezing into uncomfortable footwear or pushing them during a morning jog.

A pedicure is an excellent method to treat your feet. It may be the ideal justification for some “me time” to unwind. A pedicure is an alternative way to catch up with friends.


Our feet and toenails can easily be overlooked in terms of cleanliness and neatness, especially during the winter when they’re mostly covered. Your feet stay healthy and clean if you have regular pedicures. They can become too much or become hardened, but they aid in preventing nail conditions like ingrown nails.

While not all pedicures include painting your nails, when they do, it may be a creative and enjoyable opportunity to showcase your sense of style.

The Process Of Pedicure

Pedicure Procedure
Trimming the nails is the first step in a pedicure. However, it is not required and is only carried out at the client’s desire. If requested, your technician will trim the length of your toenails with nail clippers.
Nail design: After that, a nail file will be used to form your nails. A hand tool called a nail file is used to gently file and shape the edges of nails.
Where your finger and nail meet, in the cuticle area, there is dry skin. We soften cuticles with a cuticle remover cream before soaking them in a sterile pedicure basin.
To remove the dead skin on your feet, your mobile beauty therapist will apply a deep exfoliation scrub.

You’ll be asked to put your feet into the pedicure bowl so they can soak in warm water by your beauty therapist.

Buff to shine: If you don’t want polish or are getting a men’s pedicure, buffing will be the last procedure you receive. Your pedicurist will polish the nail surface with a nail buffer to provide a uniform and shining appearance.

painted nails: To achieve a glossy and durable result, painting is carried out in stages. Regular polish, gel polish, or shellac polish are all options. To make the polish adhere to your nails more effectively, a clear base coat is applied to them. Additionally, it creates a barrier of defence between your nails and the destructive effects of nail polish, such as discoloration, peeling, and brittleness.