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Face Polishing

By eliminating the top layer of dead skin cells, a method called skin Best Face polishing can brighten or exfoliate dull skin. This smoothes out the texture of your skin and undoes skin problems including tanning and uneven skin tone. Additionally known as microdermabrasion.

Skin polishing, as the name implies, is a professional technique that thoroughly exfoliates your skin, gets rid of dead skin cell buildup, and shows the smooth skin underlying. Getting this treatment before important events like weddings is a smart idea. It involves applying crucial nutrients to the top layer of your skin and polishing it using tools or chemicals. Hyperpigmentation, age spots, symptoms of photo-aging, and crow’s feet around the eyes can all be effectively treated with this therapy. Skin polishing, suitable for all skin types, helps brighten dull skin from the inside out.

Here is all the information you need to know about skin polishing, also referred to as microdermabrasion, before giving it a try.

Best Face Polishing

Benefits Of Skin Polishing

The following are a few of the key advantages of skin polishing:

Multiple Skin Polishing procedures can help lessen pigmentation and dark patches, thereby balancing the tone of your skin.
Skin polishing is a more efficient method of caring for your skin than standard facials at salons.
People who have important occasions to attend like this process since it provides you radiant skin after just one session.
Removal of dead skin cells: Polishing the skin encourages the formation of new skin cells by removing dead skin cells from the surface.
Deep exfoliation: The method works wonderfully to exfoliate your skin deeply, eliminating buildup and enhancing blood flow to the face.
Overall improved skin health and appearance: Polishing the skin results in a more wholesome appearance.

Types of skin polishing

01. Crystal microdermabrasion 

02. Diamond microdermabrasion 

03. Chemical peels


Crystal microdermabrasion

Aluminum oxide crystals are used in crystal dermabrasion to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. While a soft suction gently removes the dirt and grime that is still on your Best face Polishing, the hand-held gadget fires these crystals at a fast rate of speed.

Natural aluminium oxide has no harmful properties. This makes it a less invasive, allergy-free treatment. The procedure is beneficial for skin that needs very little help looking young and has been sun-damaged or aged. It polishes wrinkles and fine lines around the nose and mouth and aids in the treatment of acne. It also lightens acne scars.

Diamond microdermabrasion

The top layer of skin is gently exfoliated by a handheld device with a diamond tip during diamond dermabrasion. This technique, as opposed to crystal dermabrasion, is utilised specifically for delicate areas including the under-eye area and its surroundings. In order to show smoother skin underneath, the equipment also suctions away dead skin cells.

Young brides are typically advised to get diamond dermabrasion since it is less aggressive than crystal dermabrasion. This process polishes delicate parts of your face, such as the region around your eyes and mouth, by deeply exfoliating younger, firmer skin. It improves the texture and final appearance of your skin.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are treatments that introduce fruit acids or skin-safe chemicals into the skin. Applied as a mask for a couple of minutes, these chemicals are neutralised with cold water following which the top layer of your skin peels away over the next few days gradually. Chemicals like glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acidlactic acid or carbolic acid are used to improve the overall appearance of the skin and boost its glow.

Chemical peels are a wonderful alternative for ladies whose skin reacts badly to external exfoliators. It revitalises your complexion by removing the outermost layer of skin. Additionally, it aids in the fading of freckles, age spots, dark patches, melasma, and acne scars.